Heritage meets Vision
Tradition trifft Vision

The story of Arnold André starts with an idea –
the story of CARLOS ANDRÉ with a vision.

Arnold André company buildingOn January 30th 1817, Johann Friedrich Christian André laid the foundation for the company that still exists today. Over 200 years later, Arnold André is Germany’s largest cigar maker and one of the largest in Europe, owner-operated in its 7th generation by Axel‑Georg André.

Such a long market presence is an impressive testimony of a considered approach based on the core values of sound business, a great sense of social responsibility as well as passion, enthusiasm and pioneering spirit.

Axel-Georg André is continuing this heritage in honour of the previous generations and realising his own vision of an exclusive, hand-crafted premium cigar as an “Homage to Our Friends”. This marked the birth of CARLOS ANDRÉ.

Axel-Georg André
Axel-Georg André, 7th generation owner of Arnold André.

The CARLOS6nbsp;ANDRÉ brand links over 200 years of tobacco heritage with the search for pleasure in the present day. A cigar named after the youngest son of the company owner Axel‑Georg André and was crafted in the family for the family. A genuine Family Reserve that conveys the passion of the family which it invites you to share.

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