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CARLOS ANDRÉ Dominican Premium Rum

Just like tobacco, rum is a great passion of the André family. A rum was created for CARLOS ANDRÉ that is without equal when enjoyed on its own and creates a moment of pure pleasure at every stage in combination with a CARLOS ANDRÉ cigar.

A blend of the finest rum in the Dominican Republic was aged using the Solera method to create this exclusive Family Reserve Rum. In addition to ageing in former bourbon barrels, a select part of the exclusive distillate is also aged in old single malt whiskey barrels for the perfect finish. A characteristic that gives this rum its own personal, individual and unique taste. Exclusive, impressive and incredibly complex.


Taste characteristics

Voluptuous and luxuriant on the nose, with aromas of oak, dried fruits and exotic spices like cinnamon and ginger. Elegant and dry on the palate. The tempting aromatic oak notes are joined by balanced and deep hints of clove, anise and caramel flavours. An impressive, attractive rum with depth, passion and expertise in every sip.

CARLOS ANDRÉ Rum and cigar

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