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The velvety-shimmering, gold-brown Connecticut Shade Desflorado wrapper leaf is an absolute eye-catcher. Desflorado means that the blossoms of the tobacco plant are removed at an early stage. As a result, the plant transfers more of its energy to the leaves, which draw more nutrients and ultimately develop a more intense flavour. This gives the look and feel of the Desflorado leaves a natural refinement. But before this wrapper leaf can crown the CARLOS ANDRÉ CAST OFF, the Cigar Master at Arnold André Dominicana leaves it to mature for five years.

And then its: cast off and set sail! Creamy cappuccino notes, delicate acerbic nuances of fresh almonds artfully crossed with exotic fruits, earthy tones, dark toffee notes, delicate liquorice and a hint of white pepper are the world of flavours that unfurl with every puff. The four cigar sizes of Petit Corona, Robusto, Corona Larga and Toro provide even further variety in the taste profile – and turn every pleasure cruise into an unforgettable experience.

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The CARLOS ANDRÉ CAST OFF Premium Longfiller cigars have their roots in the Dominican Republic. Here at Arnold André Dominicana, the high-quality tobacco from the fertile Cibao Valley is joined by tobacco from Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador to form a refined composition. Guided by heritage, perfect craftsmanship and the passion to create a modern universe of flavour.

Wrapper leaf:Connecticut Shade Desflorado/Ecuador, matured for 5 years
Filler:Dominican Republic, Brazil
Origin:Hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic
Arnold André Dominicana · Santiago de los Caballeros

Good to know ... The wind on your face, the elements challenge and new discoveries await – sailing is a fascinating, relaxing and thrilling pursuit. The CARLOS ANDRÉ CAST OFF line is dedicated to this passion, an homage to casting off and setting sail.

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