CARLOS ANDRÉ Cigarillo Red

CARLOS ANDRÉ Cigarillo RedThe CARLOS ANDRÉ Red is a spirited revelation, a creation for connoisseurs of more intense tobacco flavours. The Red is the espresso doppio of cigarillos. The combination of rough spices and moderating sweetness is perfectly matured.

The unique blend of a luxurious Mexican H 2000 wrapper leaf and tobacco from Central and South America satisfies the taste of sophisticated cigarillo lovers.


CARLOS ANDRÉ Club RedThe powerful-aromatic extension of the invigorating and intense (smoking) pleasure enjoyed with the CARLOS ANDRÉ Club Red.

An ambitious aromatic and full-bodied blend, stimulates with powerful spice that is bridled by a slight sweetness. A bold and intense interplay.

Wrapper leaf:H2000/Mexico
Binder:Sumatra, Mexico
Filler:Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua
Origin:Arnold André Dominicana · Santiago de los Caballeros
Cigarillo dimensions:Length: 86 mm, Ø 8.0 mm
Club dimensions:Length: 105 mm, Ø 12.0 mm

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